a day with payton

is it corny to say that payton's birthday was "dreamy"? 

well, corny or not it was dreamy.

i'd had one of the worst days ever the day before his birthday. waking up in the morning finding out that someone has stolen your debit card number and gone on a shopping spree sucks balls. big time. but the god's of fraudulent charges were smiling down on me and i was able to take care of everything that day. 

when it comes to birthdays for my boys i like to keep them small. now that i'm an adult and all "self aware" i realize how much big gatherings stress me out. when they're older they can have big birthday parties with friends, but while they're small i want to soak up all the memories that i can. 

after payton had cake and opened his presents jackson went to his cousins house for a sleepover. so payton and i set up his hot wheels tracks and put together his various lego sets. we played, laughed, he told funny stories, then he told me "all i wanted for my birthday was to spend time with you".

seriously, best.thing.ever.

then i laid down on his bed and fell asleep listening to the cute sounds and things he would say while playing with his legos. 

it was dreamy.


The Cavard Family said...

That is serioulsy the sweetest thing I have ever heard! Now I believe that Payton's birthday is the 11th if I am not mistaken, if I am please tell that sweet nephew of mine Happy Birthday in any case from Aunt Maria! PS was Nate there? I hope so!

Jessica said...

Nate was home, but sadly he had the flu. So he stayed in the bedroom while we celebrated. At least he was home though, and not on the other side of the world like last year.


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