kntting club

i was catching up with one of my oldest friends last week. she filled me in on how she'd had another baby and didn't tell me. and how she was having heart problems during her pregnancy and didn't tell me (thanks Patty..). then she asked me what i'd been up to.

and my cool response was, "well, i just got done with my knitting club."

all i heard from her was laughter. crazy maniacal laughter. 

okay, she didn't laugh like a maniac. but she had the same reaction that most people do when i say the words "knitting club." total laughter and a few granny jokes at my expense.

nate has long told me that i'll make the best grandma ever. i already have all the hobbies of wonderful grandma's everywhere. and guess what dudes..i'm proud of it.


since all the kids are on spring break we took our group to the park so the kids could play while the moms do what we do (mostly talk. knit a little bit).

they spent most of their time on the tire swing.

then they realized that the tire swing creates just as much pain as fun.

jackson smacked his head on somebody's head and payton thought he was going to throw up.

i didn't get much knitting done but the main reason we get together to knit was enjoyed. we talked, enjoyed the weather, and the kids played their hearts out.

and go ahead and call me granny. i'm cool with it.


Ginger said...

That motion thing is AWESOME. You should be a graphic designer. I didn't remember you got two hurt kiddos. Wasn't it Peyton who went flying, too? I love what I knitted yesterday. ;)

Jocelyn said...

I remember when I could swing for HOURS like that as a kid. LOL...wait give me a minute... watching that just made me want to puke.

Jessica said...

Ginger-I'm still learning, but someday I would love to be a web designer or something. Payton did fly off the swing, but I didn't get pictures of it. He's mad at me know because I didn't get video of him flying off the swing. Crazy kid.

Oh my gosh Jocelyn, just watching the boys on that swing made me nauseous.


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