to celebrate the first day of spring break we rode trax downtown and had a little mini adventure. 

maybe i've said this before...but i don't really like living in utah. 

maybe that's because i never go outside my comfort zone and see what all utah has to offer. so this little journey helped me feel a little bit better about being here.

but seriously, i've been back here for almost 3 years. you'd think i'd be okay with being here by now. 

what a loser.


Ginger said...

WE ALMOST SAW YOU! Because that was on our to-do list yesterday but we will do it another day this week. Looks like you had fun.

Jessica said...

While we were riding trax I thought "I should've invited Ginger and the boys". It was a lot of fun. The boys want to go again this week. I think they're hooked now.


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