i hope your easter was a wonderful as ours. 

when it comes to holidays and traditions i'm pretty low key. there a few things that i try to do with each holiday, but there is little fanfare. i get stressed out when there are plans and parties and expectations. i like my holidays to be easy and flexible. 

i had planned a few things for easter. we woke up in the morning and did easter baskets. then we got ready for the day and went to church. when we came out of the chapel three hours later it was warm and bright and all the trees were blooming. 

i stood under a tree and look a picture of those blossoms and thought "there's no way we're staying inside today." 

is my time better spent in the kitchen fixing a big holiday meal, or outside enjoying the day with my family? 

we put tradition to the side and enjoyed the beautiful day together. outside. as a family.

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