Happy Birthday Mr. J!!!

Well, he's officially 4 today!! I'm looking back at these pictures of him when he was a baby and I just can't believe he's such a big boy now. It seems like "just yesterday" when he was learning how to walk, but now he's potty trained, feeds himself, has the ability to run away from me, and tells me I'm mean when he doesn't get what he wants. Man, they change fast......

I was blessed from the very beginning with Jackson. When he was born he didn't even cry. I had a C-section so I couldn't' see anything. I new the he was out, but I didn't hear any thing so I started to panic. Then he sneezed. That was the only noise he made. He was always happy. He was a good sleeper, good eater, easy to take care of, and soooo handsom.

I always say that Jackson saved my life. When I had him I wasn't ready to be a mom, but if I hadn't had him who knows where I'd be and what I'd be doing.

People always tell me that Jackson is the sweetest boy that they know. Of course I see the not so sweet moments, but we all have those. Jackson can't go to bed at night without making sure that he get a kiss from both mom and dad. If I forget to read the Book of Mormon to him at bed time or say prayers with him he always reminds me. He always wants to help me cook, or clean. He loves to work with me in the yard whether I'm pulling weeds, raking leaves, or planting flowers. He always finds the cutest moments to say, "mom, I just really love you."

He was so excited to have a little brother. When Payton was just a few weeks old he was asleep, Jackson was in his bedroom playing with his toys, and I was mopping the kitchen floor. Payton woke up and started crying. Before I even had time to react Jackson was running down the hall yelling, "I'm comin' for ya Payton!!!" Even now, even though Jackson and Payton fight sometimes, Jackson still sticks up for him. This isn't the best example of sticking up for him, but it's cute. My friend Amanda was watching my kids while I was at work. Payton was in the high chair eating fishies, then decided to start throwing them. Amanda told him to stop throwing the fishies and apparently Jackson got mad at her for it. I don't know exactly what he said, but this is what was said when we got home. "So Jackson, I heard you were talking sassy to Amanda." "Yeah, she was tellin' MY brother what to do." "Well she's allowed to do that, she's the baby sitter. Payton shouldn't be throwing fishies." "I don't like her tellin' Payton what to do. I told her not to. Me and Daddy are the boss of Payton." "Well, actually Mommy and Daddy are the boss of Payton." "No."

I'm excited to watch him as he grows up. I'm so eager to see the new stages that he goes through and to see what kind of person he becomes. Right now I'm just trying to enjoy this special time I have with him while he's young. Before I know it he be in school all day and I won't have all this quality time with him.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday cute Jackson!

Meghan & Chase said...

Hi Jessica! It's Chase. My wife pointed out to me that you left a post on our blog a few weeks back, and I fully intended on getting back to you but i'm kind of a slacker when it comes to these blogs. So thanks for reminding me by leaving a comment again. Your little boy seems really great, and you seem so happy. That makes me happy! Good luck with everything and we'll be checking your blog.


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