Nightly Visitor

I stayed up late last night watching Pride and Prejudice. While I was laying on the couch I heard some noise in the backyard so I went to the sliding glass door to do some investigating. I saw a raccoon digging around in Jackson's sand box. He had lifted the lid off and was moving around all of Jackson's toys. So I knocked on the window and said, "what are you doing?" He turned around and looked at me for a minute, then got out of the sandbox and came up the stairs to get a better look at me. He went right up to the window so I crouched down and put my hand up to the window. Then he put his little paw right up on the window where my palm was. Then he just looked into my eyes for a long time. The mother in me wanted to go get him some food because he was so dang cute, but if I'd done that he probably would've attacked me, eaten the food, then brought back his buddies. So I just watched the cute little bugger for a while. He was looking around in my flower beds then all of a sudden he just ran away. I looked around and noticed a skunk had made it's way into my yard. I chose not to make friends with him.

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