Our Little Chef

Jackson is starting to take his Independence seriously!
Usually when we wake up in the morning he just sits on the couch and waits for me to get him his breakfast. This morning I was in my bedroom changing my clothes and I heard some banging in the kitchen. Payton is always getting in the kitchen messing with the pots and pans so I didn't really think anything of it and continued to take my time. I'm not a morning person so it always takes me a while to get moving.
When I got into the kitchen I saw that Jackson had gotten out a pan and the eggs and had already cracked four eggs. He did surprisingly well. He got the eggs into the pan before cracking them open so there wasn't a mess for me to clean up on the counter top. After cracking the eggs he did drop the shells into the pan as well so I did have to spend some time getting all the shells out. I was proud of him for trying to be such a big boy. I let him stir the eggs and it made his day.
Now that he's realized he can do more for himself he's also started climbing up to the sink to get his own water. He also decided he wanted to get himself some cheese. He grabbed a 4 lb. block of un-opened cheese out of the fridge and tried cutting himself a slice with one of his plastic kiddie knives. Obviously he was unsuccessful. It was cute to see him try though.

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JamieSue said...

Wow! How cute! Your kids are so big! How's California?! Can i just say I am insanely jealous?!!! I really don't love this place called Utah!


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