Monterey Bay Aquarium

The boys and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my friend Amanda and her two kids. The last time we went to the aquarium Jackson was really scared of the sharks and cried his eyes out so we had to take Payton out of the stroller so Jackson could hide in it. This time I made sure he had a friend with him hoping that would help him be strong. He freaked out a little bit at first but ended up having a really great time. They also have a special part of the aquarium just for toddlers so Payton got to get out and play and have a great time. Jackson and his friend Emma were so cute. They walked around holding hands for a while. It was adorable!


Mitch said...

Jessica! It was good to hear from you! That is so random that you know some of my inlaws from Virgina. I'll have to ask them about you. It looks like you are doing great. I'm not an avid blogger, but I'll have to check it every now and then to see how my old high school friends are doing. Later.

Amanda said...

We had a great time with you guys!

Carlson Family said...

JESS!!! Where was I when you were going to the aquarium? Hmmmm? We need to get together soon! Colt suggested we all go to dinner sometime.


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