Injured Soldier

Nate was working out a couple days ago and got a "little" injury. He actually tore his Pec muscle. Can you believe that? I've never heard of anyone tearing their Pec. Anyway, we thought it was a little weird that the bruise was on his arm. These pictures don't even do that honkin' bruise justice.


Amanda said...

Is he smiling like that because he's high on pain meds? =)

Reade and Camille King said...

wow that must of hurt, im suprised that he is smiling. how brave.
how brave you are for looking out your window at that creepy little bugger!! i think i would of chased after him with a broom. but then i probably would have gotten sprayed by the skunk.
lookin at your pics makes me miss monterey and the beach. how much longer will you be there?

The Blog said...

Holy crazy bruise Nateman!


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