I've been doing really good with the no sugar thing. I hardly ever get cravings anymore so that is like a miracle!! Nate had a "traumatic" experience yesterday and needed some comfort so he bought some sugar cookies that were also completely covered in frosting. For some odd reason I felt like I deserved a "reward" for eating so clean, so I decided to have a sugar cookie. Within 20 minutes of eating it my joints were achy and stiff, I had a headache, I could feel my heart racing, and I started getting annoyed with everything Nate was doing. ALL because of the SUGAR!

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Desiree and Lars said...

So what do you replace the sugar with? How do you subside the cravings. I keep building myself up to cut back on sugar. You are motivating me. :) And way to kill that ugly, striped spider. I am terrible at smushing bugs. Your brave!


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