I think the one bad thing about blogs is that it's easy to share too much. This is most likely one of those times. I took these pictures, then thought to myself, "Does anyone really want to see this?" And I figured the answer was "no" but here we are anyway. This is what Nate's arm looks like now. They had to go in and scrape his bone down, then screw his tendon back into place. That's probably not the funnest thing you can do on a Friday afternoon, but it's all done now. Just thought I'd share.

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Desiree and Lars said...

I just started blogging like a month ago and found your blog today! I open it and see gross pictures of a surgery. Ewww....glad he is ok though. Thought I would say hi...you hot mama!

We are going to be up your way at Christmas. Will you be there?


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