More good food

Dinner last night was gooood! I put a Pork Tenderloin in the crock pot with some water, olive oil, and some seasoning and let it cook all day. By the time dinner rolled around the meat was so tender it was falling apart. We also had whole wheat Couscous from Trader Joes (my new favorite place). To give it some extra flavor, I cooked it in organic free range Chicken Broth and added sauteed onions and carrots (sauteed in olive oil, of course). Then we had a yummy salad with lots of different veggies. Switching to whole foods has renewed my love for cooking. It's so much more enjoyable for me to cook when I know I'm making something healthy for my family.

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Desiree and Lars said...

Your healthiness amazes me. Lars is really healthy too. But I have a sweet tooth. I need you to tell me more bad stuff about sugar so I'll stop eating so much. And I wonder why I'm not as skinny as I use to be. ugh.


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