When I moved to Seaside my favorite hobby was doing yard work. I couldn't get enough of pulling weeds and watching my flowers grow. When we got back from Utah in June I got into a major slump and pretty much stopped taking care of my yard. Some of my flowers died, or got close to it. My grass isn't so green anymore. It made me really sad. So finally, I got the desire to get back out there and save my yard! I partially blame Nate for my laziness (not really, but we'll go with it). He was the one who would mow the lawn. Since he hurt his shoulder he couldn't mow the lawn anymore so that made it easier for me to not keep up with my chores in the yard. Since we don't own a lawnmower Nate would always have to drive to self-help, load the mower into the car, come home and mow the grass, then load it back into the car and take it back to self-help. I can't do all that so I just let the yard go.

Well, I took a trip to OSH today to get a few plants, and I found the answer to my problems. An "old-school" push mower!!! I wasn't interested in paying $300 dollars for a big mower so this was the perfect solution. It obviously doesn't work quite as well as big bulky one, but it's perfect for me. I don't have to put any gas in it, and I don't have to use an extension cord. Everybody wins in this scenario!

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