I did it!.......mostly

So a week has gone by since I set my goal for eating whole foods and not eating sugar. It went pretty well. I did get sick this weekend though so unfortunately I did drink some Ginger Ale to help settle my stomach. Aside from that though, it felt great to eat so healthy. I had hardly any arthritis pain and I think that is directly related to no sugar. Nate and the boys are also benefiting from this too. Eating whole, unprocessed foods means that I cook for every meal. Last night Nate was pleasantly surprised to come home to a yummy Pork Tenderloin, Red Potatoes, and salad. Now knowing that my body didn't go through major sugar withdrawals I'm confident that this will be something I can stick with.

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Chanelle said...

Way to improve! I do think it is ok to have some sugar every now and then, if you illiminate it completely you could eat more of it when you finally do. Moderation is what I need to work on.


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