I took sweet little Payton to the ER on Friday night. The poor little guy had diarrhea really bad and was throwing everything up. I was afraid that he was getting dehydrated so off I went to the hospital. After spending 1 & 1/2 hours in the lobby and 1 & 1/2 in the room waiting for the doctor, I decided that I was going to flag down a nurse and get mean. It was 3 a.m., it had already been a long stressful day, and I hadn't slept at all. When I'm sleep deprived I'm mean, and emotional. Finally a male nurse came by and I tell him he has to give me some idea as to when the doctor might make time to come see my sick baby. The nurse tells me that I look tired and I should lay down on the bed and sleep for an hour or two! Can you believe that?! So I tell him I don't want to lay down and sleep, I want the doctor to give my baby some medicine so I can go home. Needless to say, my emotions take over and before I know I'm crying while telling this nurse that I spent the day waiting for my husband in surgery, I spent the evening taking care of him, then my baby starting exploding from both ends, and that if I didn't get home to get some sleep there was no way I would be able to take care of these boys that needed me so much. The nurse did convince me to lay down on the bed and said he's see if he could get the doctor in quickly. Luckily the doctor came in about 15 minutes later. Thank goodness for Walgreen's. Not only do they have a 24 hour pharmacy, but they have a drive-thru pharmacy. And also, thank goodness for insurance. I was looking at the receipts from Payton's prescriptions yesterday and the first one was Amoxicillan. I paid $3 and the receipt said "Your insurance saved you $10.00." I thought that was pretty cool. Then the other medication was an anti-nausea medication. I paid $3 and the receipt said "Your insurance saved you $236.99." I'd say that's a good deal.


Packer Family said...

I am so sorry!! It sounds miserable! Something must be going around because Bela was throwing everything up from Thur night - Fri afternoon and Diego has had crazy diarreha most of the week!! Luckily it hasn't become so bad I have to take them to the hospital and they seem to be feeling better. I hope things are better at your house too!

Amanda said...

You have been through the ringer! Good grief! We will keep you guys in our prayers.

txhess said...

Way to be a pro-active mommy and take care of your baby!! Crazy that you are friends with Amy! She was my roommate at school!

David Dee said...

I printed out the part where Payton got sick and gave it to Susan with Payton's picture. You write such good blogs.


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