Jackson's Birthday Party

The kids loved climbing our big trees and running around in our back yard. They didn't even want to try to play games because they were having so much fun running around.

The girls did the most tree climbing. They would climb as far up as they could, then they'd call for me to come and get them down. They were so cute.
I had a good time watching how excited the kids were to have Jackson open the present they had brought. Jackson was so happy to have so many friends there with him to play with all his new things. He's been so lucky to make such cute little friends.
Spencer, Madyha, Beckham, Justice, Jackson, Ricky, Bella, & Emma.
Jackson and Ricky. They met at pre-school and have become great friends. Ricky's mom also stayed at the party to help me out with the kids. I was lucky she stayed since Nate had to go out and get the pizzas. I don't think I could've taken care of eight kids by myself.
After they had pizza and cake the kids went into Jackson's room to play. They were climbing in the crib, into the wardrobe, hiding under the bed, and hiding in the closet. They were having so much fun I almost didn't want them to go home.
Jackson blowing out his 4 birthday candles!
One of the girls didn't eat her Pizza and just left it on her plate, so a wondering Payton naturally picked it up.....
.....Then decided to try a bite.....

.....Then decided to shove the whole thing in his mouth!

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Packer Family said...

Hey- i found your blog!! (I just started my own last week and found yours on Tiffany's page). Cute pics from the party! Let me guess- Bela was the one that didn't finish her pizza??? :)


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