It's official, I'm no Mariah Carey

So I've never considered myself a singer. I was always playing the piano for the singers. I do think I can hold my own when singing along with the radio, but I may be wrong. I always thought that kid's liked the sound of their mother singing, at least that's what my mom told me. So when I would put my babies to sleep I'd shut myself in a room where no one else could hear me and I'd sing to my babies. As Payton has gotten older I've gotten a little bit more daring. He doesn't need lullabies anymore, he needs something to keep him entertained while I'm changing his diaper so he won't roll away. I made up a few songs that used to make him laugh. I obviously can't write the tune but the words were along the lines of, "It smells like somebody pooped! It smells like somebody pooped! It smells like Payton pooped his pants. He pooped! Pooped! Pooped!" There were other little ditties that I made up but it doesn't get any better than the poop song. So last week I'm changing his diaper and singing my songs when he starts yelling at me. Not in a screaming tantrum cry-baby way, but like he was communicating with me. He was trying his hardest to make me understand something. A new word was coming out of his mouth that he'd never said before. Finally after I finished the song it hit me. He was yelling, "STOP! STOP! STOP!"

So there's the proof. Not all babies like the sound of their mother singing.


Amanda said...

Nothing like getting shut down by a one year old to make you feel special, eh?

Amy said...

Now, now Jessica. I'm sure it wasn't your singing that did it. Perhaps he didn't enjoy his bowel movement being put to song. You keep singing to those boys!!!!

The Blog said...

When we visit I'm totally learning the tune and words to that song. You know me and poop songs! -I can't get enough of them!!


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