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So I've been a lot more health conscious lately and I've made some major improvements when it comes to how I cook, what I cook, and what I feed my kids. I always seem to screw it all up for myself though because of that stupid thing called SUGAR!! Sugar is seriously addictive, and I'm addicted. It always hits me at about 1:00 in the afternoon. I think it's because that's when I always used to take a nap, but since I don't take a nap anymore maybe my body is craving an extra burst of energy so before I know it I'm smearing piles of butter on toast and putting sugar and cinnamon on by the tablespoon. It's disgusting, I know. I keep asking myself why I'm not following through with my goals. Especially when I've done the research and feel strongly about eating whole organic foods. It's all psychological for me. It's hard for me to make a change unless I'm answering to someone. Answering to Nate doesn't work, he is unwilling to give up his Doritos and his Rice Krispy Treats. So what is the next best thing? Being held accountable by the beautiful world of Bloggers. Today is grocery and my list is already done. This week we'll be eating whole foods for every meal. (We'll still have our cheerios for breakfast until they're gone though, luckily I've already broke the habit of putting sugar on my cheerios, and my boys never have sugar on theirs) And the kicker is,..........I will fight the urge to give in to my sugar cravings. Hopefully after a few weeks of blogging about my attempts at this lifestyle change (and it really is a lifestyle chance for me) I will have been successful enough to do it on my own. Here goes..................

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Dasha said...

Go you!! Along the way you'll have to share your recipes. I'm strict about what I let me kids have but not with myself. For Stuart it's Doritos and Dr. Pepper or "sweet nectar of the gods" as he puts it. I look forward to reading how it's going and what you're eating. Good luck!


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