Jackson's first big purchase....

For Jackson's birthday his friend Spencer got him a lighting McQueen wallet and his friend Beckham just happened to give him 10 dollars for his birthday. He's been so excited to have a wallet like Daddy! Tonight we took him to the store to pick out his own toy. He actually really surprised me. I told him that he had 10 dollars so there were only certain toys that he could afford. I'm sure when I was a kid I would've tried to convince my parents to help me buy the biggest toy I could find. But he went in there knowing exactly what he wanted,.........a Ben Ten action figure. (don't ask me what/who Ben Ten is. He watched the cartoon with his cousins when we were in Utah two months ago, then he never mentioned it again. I don't know how he remembered it.) He found his action figure (surprisingly it was the smallest one too) then proudly carried it up front. We told him he could also afford a treat so he picked out some gummy bears and carried his stuff to the cash register. There was a line and he did try to butt his way up to the front, but once we told him he had to wait his turn he patiently waited. He handed his items to the cashier and got his money out and handed it to her. I think he was a little surprised to get $3.75 back. (that's the beauty of shopping at the PX, no sales tax) I helped him put his cash back in his wallet and put it in his back pocket like daddy. He told me that next time we go grocery shopping he wants to buy his own chocolate milk.

The really cute thing about it all is that he was more willing to share with Payton. Usually he doesn't like to share his treats (and who does, really?) but I think Payton ate more of the gummy bears than Jackson did but he was totally OK with it.

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Dasha said...

That story made me go 'awww.' How sweet!


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